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Adult: 5000 HUF Children:  3500 HUF

America Tropicana

This showroom has been known for visitors for almost one hundred years as Palm-house. Originally it was built to present tropical plants; however after the refurbishment works finished in 2000 both tropical plants and animals has been shown here. The concept has developed since then and now primarily the flora and fauna of the tropical climate American continent is being presented here.

The prestigious sized building consists a central hall and six adjoining wings. Visitors can find luscious tropical flora. Colourful, spectacular birds live in the spacious airspace. Two of the side wings of the building we developed two in such a way that visitors can find themselves immediately in the tree stratum of the rain forests and can meet such animals like sloths in arm's length. Elsewhere, looking down can wonder at American alligators. One of the side wings we have developed a reptile nursery. Recently hatched or born animals like baby geckos and little crocodiles spend their childhood here from other parts of the Zoo. In another side wing through a winding staircase we can get into the Aquarium situated one level below. This was build together with the Palm-house in 1912; the refurbishment was finished in 2004. Beside protecting the heritage exterior a modern engineering has been built and the also grew the individual size of the containers. Altogether 150 thousand litres of water ripples in the 27 pools, of which the biggest is 23 cubic metres. Although we present in most of the pools saltwater fish more exactly coral reef fish; however the America Tropicana concept spreads more and more to this showroom, so in more and more pools visitors can see fresh-water species of the tropical America. Visitors can also learn the electric eel in one of the pools and in the adjacent 6,000-litre pool gives home to a whole school of the notorious piranhas.