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Adult: 5000 HUF Children:  3500 HUF

The Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain EntrenceThe Magical Hill is the newest attraction in our Zoo. It is found within the Great Rock, which was built in 1912. We present the diversity of the flora and fauna, how this diversity evolved and how the relationship between humankind and nature developed through history on 3200 square meters, 4 floors and 16 showrooms. From the forefront a snack bar, a high capacity toilet many showrooms can be reached directly. One of these is the Starspace where on one hand we screen 3D documentaries and cartoons; on the other hand this huge hall accommodates the very exciting "Animals in Action" live performance.

In the primeval ocean on the lowest level of the Magical Hill real seawater ripples and representatives of such animal groups can be seen in the water from rays to horseshoe crabs, which evolved more than one hundred million years ago and have not changed ever since. The Time tunnel helps overview the evolution of flora and fauna from the population of primeval oceans to the prehistoric man. We can even see a proper Neanderthal campsite. The Life-school speaks about what we learn from animals. If we compare the armour medieval knights and the exoskeleton of insects, bone structure of elephants, giraffes and lions with the gear, it turns out that we sampled these from the nature.

We tell stories about the largest creatures of seas in the neighbouring Giants' Hall. Obviously it is not possible to keep a living sperm whale, but based on the life-size model of the twenty-metre animal we may form a picture what huge animals these are. In the Dark-labyrinth we can learn about animals active in the darkness: bats, jerboas; even it turns out how these animals orientate themselves in darkness. We can study state-forming animals in the Colony-gallery, like the leafcutter ants. We even may track how they march with the letter scraps towards the underground mushroom frameworks maintained by them, which – through a glass screen – we can observe.

We could continue the row long: giant tarantulas and stick insects, chicks hatching before our eyes and skin-eating fish, colourful butterflies and the mice with a tiniest size. More than one hundred species, interesting, interactive games, numerous illustrative models are waiting to help to discover of the miracles of life.