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Our world famous bear August 25, 2014

Vali, our female brown bear is an international superstar now, thanks to an interesting video on YouTube, made by one of our visitors. On this short film you can see as Vali ’saves’ a drowing hooded crow from the basin of bear’s enclosure.

As the Daily Mail Online wrote, the bear is seen walking around near its pond, when it sees the flailing crow in the water. Vali approaches the side of the pond, and after first attempting to pull it up with its paw, bites on to the crow's wing and drags it out of the water. The terrified crow nabs Vali in the nose, and she immediately lets go of the wing, and retires to her apples and carrots. The bird appears in shock, lying on its back for a few seconds while panting. Soon it manages to flip itself over on its feet and appears to be staring at Vali in surprise that she 'saved' it.

We think that the bird was lucky, because Vali was probably just curious. The bird is handled not too gently, and after pulling the shore, she lets immediately, because the crow had the presence of mind to give her a pinch on the nose. After this, she lost interest in the prey, and went to munch on the apples and other delicacies.