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Sasha’s first day in BudapestOctober 13, 2021

In our latest short film, we show you the first days Sasha, the male Siberian tiger who arrived on September 20th, spent in Budapest. He is now getting to know his new home, and we have also started gradually acquainting him with Niva, the female tiger.

Bamboo at the ZooOctober 11, 2021

In our garden, bamboos are important for several reasons. As a collection garden, we present many species and varieties, some which have a very high decorative value, and others are grown as food for animals such as the red panda.

In the short film Móric, the baby orangutanOctober 12, 2020

We can witness a multitude of moving moments every day with the orang-utans, where Lia, the mother, pampers baby Móric, who was born in early August, with devoted love. With our latest short film, we give a glimpse of these moments.

The kangaroo’s leg sticks outSeptember 14, 2020

We only started keeping Parma wallabies, which, for a long time, were thought to be extinct, this year at our Zoo, but one of the females’ pouches already has a growing joey.

The red panda has a mate; the Butterfly Garden is now openJuly 27, 2020

A new little male panda has arrived at the Budapest Zoo, and you can also visit the Butterfly Garden. Meanwhile, visitors can also see plenty of little animals, puppies, kids and chicks, and some new animals that have not yet been seen here.

We have saved more animals than everMarch 14, 2020

Last year, more than ever, a total of 2,201 animals in need of human assistance, were given a second chance as part of our zoo's rescue efforts. In the Hedgehog Hospital, the public can see how we deal with rescued animals.

Penguins in the breeding burrowMarch 13, 2020

Two cute penguins are nesting in one of the breeding burrows along the African penguin catwalk. We can still only show their image to the public so far, but they will soon be out of the hiding place and more of them can be seen.

Advent baby sloth in the Palm HouseJanuary 31, 2020

Our youngest sloth came into this world on Monday December 2. The baby is on display for the public in the Palm House, but still you need a little luck to see it. Chances are best at around 10 a.m.: this is the sloths’ feeding time.

Snowy wonderlandJanuary 20, 2020

When it snows, it is worth visiting the zoo, since the park turns into a snowy wonderland. Besides the beauty of the landscape, many animals also offer stunning views in this environment.

Everyday life of an infant gorillaJanuary 17, 2020

In our latest short film, you can see that Indigo, the infant gorilla, born in December 2017, is not only the youngest in the team, but also probably its most mobile member.