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Daily programs

Be there! Experience programs 2023

Date: from Spring 2023 - 1 November 2023

Every year, our "Be There!" public programs were open to visitors at the Zoo and Margaret Island Zoo until 1 November 2023.

The varied experience programs introducing the world of animals and plants not only offered recreation but also aimed to raise interest in natural sciences. On Be There! "trails", young and old alike were treated to a full day of educational public events, while presentations by the most popular plant and animal species were accompanied by talks from their keepers and expert guides, providing spectacular and educational entertainment for our guests.

After the winter break, in 2023, from the start of the spring school holidays, we will once again be inviting visitors to our Be There! programs with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Until then, thank you for your kind attention and participation. We hope you have gained a lot of useful knowledge from our demonstrations and shows. And for those of you who would like to recall these fun and spectacular moments, take a look at our summer short film compilation.


We look forward to welcoming visitors to our Be There! programs!