Opening hours

M-F:9am-4.00pm Sa-Su:9am-4.00pm


Adult: 4500 HUF Children:  3200 HUF

Where to eat

There are 10 catering facilities in the zoo area. Cave Restaurant is an affordable self-service restaurant offering hot food and menus. Sit on the terrace when weather allows. Longing for a nice cup of coffee or a delicious cake? Then the Zoo Confectionery or the Palm House Café with views over the Great Lake is awaiting you near the main entrance. For kids and those in search of a city park feeling we suggest Lángos Buffet with fresh lángos (Hungarian speciality, fried dough) and pancakes. Trdelník Bakery is home of the genuine, yummy, freshly made stove cake.  We also have five zoo buffets: Boomerang Snack Bar near to the Australia Trail, Fácán Snack Bar next to the Waterside Birds, Mérges Buffet nearby the Venomous Creatures, Varázs Buffet at the entrance of the Magic Mountain, and the Bivaly Buffet near to the Great Ape House. You can also buy soda in the Gift Shop by the main entrance.

Well-fed animals
Please do not feed the animals! We take a good care of all our inhabitants, they get nutritious meals based on their needs, so they are not hungry. Feeding them with buffet snacks, or any kind of human food will not do any good. Thank you for caring about the health of the animals!

Protecting the environment
The catering facilities in the Zoo only sell non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks. PET bottles can cause significant harm to nature, so selling those is not compatible with the environmental mission of the Zoo. Therefore no beverages in plastic bottles are sold in the Zoo.